Ways to Search Data in Will County!

We have multiple search capabilities available in Will County that increase production speed and provide better service to you, our customers.

These search products provide remote searching, image viewing and printing capabilities, as well as comprehensive, hands-on training and remote support.

Please feel free to contact my office regarding your remote access and subscription options.

Karen A. Stukel, Recorder


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Document Information:

  • Documents on our website are typically from 1965 to current. Any other document would need to be searched within the office or by placing an order with a document number via fax/email.
  • All plats are in the system back to the County's inception.

Searching Tips:

  • When conducting a search, less is more. The more information that you include in a search will limit your results.
  • Documents are typically available within 5 days of recording.
  • You can search by Name, PIN Number or Address but you should do each search separately, do not enter it all at once.
  • When results are returned, you may click on the line to expand it for additional information.
  • Enter the "%" symbol as a wild card anywhere in the beginning, middle and/or end of a name for spellings you are uncertain of. Example: Fis%her or Anders%n

Searching by Name:

  • Use the fields designated for first and last names.
  • If searching for an organization, type the name in the last name/business name field.

Searching by PIN Number:

  • You must include the dashes when searching the PIN.
  • When entering a PIN number, we encourage you to leave off the 4 zeros at the end of the PIN number to get a more complete search.
  • PIN format:  XX – XX – XX – XXX – XXX – XXXX (Only enter the last four if they are not zeros)

Searching by Address:

  • When searching by address you should enter the street number and just the street name (no St, Dr, or Ave) and a city.

Searching by Book and Page:

  • You must enter "PB" and the book number in the Book Field. Example: PB2
  • You must enter "P" and the page number in the Page Field. Example: P22